Marja Machielse

I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1993. Because of my MS (secondary progressive) I can only walk a few steps, if I am supported. It is always difficult to get used to losing parts of my physical abilities, but sometimes there is a solution that just feels right. Two years ago was the last time I used my bicycle; I cycled around the head of the Java Island five times. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get on- and off of my bike anymore. I just wanted to move, I wanted to cycle! The cycling motion is a motion you do not easily forget. 

My first BerkelBike experience!

We searched the internet and discovered tricycles which were not only driven by legs, but were also hand bikes. A presentation about the BerkelBike was organized in the Revalidation Centre in Amsterdam, and I got to take it for a test ride. It was great! Three wheels, a chair, I felt like a queen on her throne. The bike was driven by my arms and my legs. The Egg of Columbus,  especially because the BerkelBike can also be used as an indoor trainer.

I knew I had have it

Though it affected my savings balance, I wanted this Bike! And as promised, the BerkelBike arrived in time to spend my vacation on Terschelling riding my bike! Since I had already had good experiences taking the train in my wheelchair, we gave it a shot. This time without the wheelchair, with a scoot mobile and my BerkelBike. This undertaking went just as smooth as my previous journeys. 

We did not have to bring our own wheelchair; homecare Friesland already had one ready for use  in the hotel. Agis (the insurance company) refunded the expenses. I cycled every day with a lot of fun. If I got too tired, I swapped places with my partner, who was on the scoot mobile. Last winter, I cycled indoors every day.
Marja Machielse