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Pedals and legs

Users of our products differ greatly in terms of their strength, coordination, and the control that they have over their legs. Therefore, we offer different pedals and leg accessories, providing additional support adjusted to the personal needs of the user.

All our pedals are also available as quick-release versions, which can be removed and attached within seconds. This comes in handy when you have to make the bike as compact as possible for transportation, or when you want to use several pedals for different purposes.

Aside from conventional bicycle pedals, our bikes can be equipped with the following models. The different options are ordered from light to heavy support.


SPD Chimano

Clipless pedals

If you don’t need a lot of additional support, you can use clipless pedals used by mountainbike riders. These pedals have a small cleat that fits in the recess of shoes designed for this purpose. The benefit of such pedals is that they prevent your foot from slipping off the pedal, and that they are very easy to engage and disengage. There are hundreds of different pedals and shoes that can be used in combination with our bikes. You can find your personal favorite. 


Pedal with toe clip and elastic band

This pedal is the solution when you have problems slipping off standard pedals. The front of the pedal has the form of a shoe fixating your forefoot. Also, there is an elastic band to secure the heel and hold the whole foot in place. 


Foot fixation trays

These trays are ideal when you have little control over your feet. The heel is fixated in the case, and you can’t slip off the pedal because straps are holding your foot in place. 

Dissabillity cycle peddels

Adjustable Metal Pedal

This pedal is adjustable in its width. Thus, it can be individually fitted to your feet or footwear. Strap and customized fit together will prevent your foot from slipping off the pedal.

Calf support

If you have little or no control over your legs, the adjustable pedal can also be equipped with a calf support. The calf support has a strap that is fastened around the calf, and can be installed on the inside or outside of the pedal, depending on whether your legs tend to fall towards one side.