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Hand Supports

Extra grip for your hands

Among our handcycle accessories are different hand supports. Even if you don’t have any hand function, the proper hand support will ensure that you have a good grip and can use the crank comfortably.


The following two options are available:


Quad-grip crescent

The quad-grip crescent offers you support at your wrist. Your hand remains fixed throughout the movement, and you can fully focus on cycling instead of preventing your hand from slipping off the handle.

Handsteun 2_1Handsteun 2_2Handsteun 2_3



Quad-grip BerkelBike

The quad-grip BerkelBike provides you with additional hand stabilization. Your hand is fixated at the wrist as with the other grip, and it can comfortably rest on the grip from the wrist down your fingers.

Handsteun 1_1Handsteun 1_2