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Electric Pedal Assist

At BerkelBike, we strive to make our products accessible to everyone. When you lack the strength to move on your own, the electric pedal assist can help you reach your destination and ensure that your legs go around in a natural way.

How does it work?

The pedal assist drives the pedals and not the wheel, which allows for more natural leg movement than a motor driving the wheel directly. The system guarantees 360-degree support of the pedaling motion without any “dead spots” in the movement. If you are not able to make a full turn of the pedals on your own, the pedal assist will support your leg movement at the critical position. Moreover, because the pedal assist doesn’t drive the wheels directly, you can still use all 8 (or 11) gears of the bike.

The electric pedal assistance lets you decide how much of your own strength you want to use while driving. There are six support levels from which you can choose. When you put the pedal assist on one of the higher support levels, your legs will move all alone, and you won’t need your own strength to move the bike. When you put the pedal assist on one of the lower support levels, your legs will only be moved very slowly, and you have to contribute to the movement by using your own power.

Thus, you can decide whether you want to use the pedal assist only for a little extra support and do most of the work yourself. Or whether you want the bike to move like a mobility scooter without using your power. The interplay between the chosen support level, the chosen gear, and your own power output will determine your speed.

360° Peddle Support
Six Support Levels
Easy Start & Finish
Quality Battery
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Using the pedal assist

Our electric pedal assistance will start to support your pedaling movement as soon as you move the arm cranks of the BerkelBike. Or, in te hcase of the EasyLegs, it will start as soon as you move the throttle on the handlebars.

The pedal assist on a BerkelBike also has a self-drive button. The button can be used to ride at a low pace without using your arms at all, but is often used to climb a very steep hill. The combination of first gear and highest support level let you climb steep slopes.




Last but not least, the pedal assist can be programmed to your wishes. For example to lower the maximum speed the motor will support to protect your child for going too fast.

Practical features

The motor of the pedal assist is installed on the frame. If you are not sure about whether you need it, you can always add the electric pedal assist later on. Both versions (Pro and Connect) of the BerkelBike and the EasyLegs can be equipped with the electric pedal assist. Because the motor in not in the wheel, it does not rotate if it is not in use. This guarantees a low resistance if you don’t use the pedal assist.

The motor is maintenance-free and based on the power of a Lithium Cobalt 36V 10,4 Ah battery, which is very light and has an excellent battery life. The battery can easily be removed for transportation or to charge it inside your house. It can also be easily replaced with a second, fully loaded, backup battery when you are on the road. We also have a 13 Ah battery available, and an extreme cyclist can take a second 10,4 Ah with them.