BerkelBike, a hybrid between a recumbent tricycle and handcycle!


The BerkelBike is a tricycle with the propulsion coming from both arm and leg power. The arm part operates in drive as well as in steering exactly the same as a handcycle. By handbiking with your arms, your legs automatically make the same movement as on a bicycle. Every effort you can add with your legs is favorable. In this way you train your legs and maximise your health. Due to our innovative devices your feet do not slip off the pedals.


Your posture is more upright and higher than the average recumbent. One of the models you can connect to your own wheelchair, just like an attachable handcycle. (This model is not available in the USA).



Ask for the DVD or watch the video.

Driewieler handbike (vastframe) fietsen met armen en benen!




For people with a spinal cord injury, the stimulation of crippled muscles provided by the BerkelBike can restore some use- even after 30 years of paralysis! Read more about this by "FES". *


Or just look at one of the videos. Then you will understand why so many people are enthusiastic about the BerkelBike and why so many prizes have been won. The best thing is to try out the BerkelBike yourself. This way you will see that we have combined the best things of the handcycle, recumbent bike and tricycle and added some more.


As you can see in the userlist the BerkelBike not only gives people with, for example, paraplegia new opportunities to restore lost function. The BerkelBike can also improve general health.



Multiple Sclerosis Spinal Cord Injury
Polio Stroke
Spina Bifida Cerebral Palsy
Congenital Disorder Amputation

Free test ride

The BerkelBike can be tested in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and even in Sydney, Australia! To apply for a test ride, you can fill out this form.


Exercise and Spinal Cord Injury

Exercise has great health benefit and can improve overall quality of life. Watch the film of the Spinal Cord Injury Network, Australia at the right side.




* In the US only the BerkelBike Pro without FES is available. 

BerkelBike US Patent 7,293,623




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A great video by Funda showing why she wanted to do the 4km and showing how much courage she truly has.
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2 months ago

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Funda Mujde's trip was with ups and downs. Being on the road for 3 months does take its toll. On her blog she writes about how much she misses women and girlfriends, how she would do anything for a clean home and how some days just didn't go as planned.

A few weeks before the finish, Funda ran into some problems with both bad weather and horrible roads. For a brief moment it looked like she would not have made it in time, but she and her team pullen it together quickly. Before you knew it, Funda was making extra long days to make up the time she had lost due to the poor conditions.

Upon arrival near Istanbull Funda found hundreds of supporters and cyclers. They were waiting for her and cycled the last kilometers with her to the finish. She managed to cycle a total of 4000 kilometers, not many people will ever manage to achieve something like this trip, but Funda managed, even with her spinal cord injury. If Funda isn't a inspiration to us all, I don't know what would be.
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3 months ago

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Dutch Actress and Caberret Funda Müjde had a car accident back in 2004. Ever since she has had an incomplete spinal cord injury. She tells her story on the television, has a great following on social media and came in contact with BerkelBike in 2013. Her initial responce was: I was about to cry from happiness, for the first time I felt like my body was made whole again.

Inspired by the BerkelBike and her past, she decided to take on a huge journey. As a child she immigrated from Turkey to Amsterdam. Her parents drove 4000 kilometers in hope to find a better life. That is now 50 years ago, and to honor that she is going to cycle all the way back to turkey, with the BerkelBike. We are amazingly proud of her for taking on the challenge.

Next week we will give you a summary of her 3 month trip from Amsterdam to Istanbull.
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3 months ago

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