We make your legs move!

The users of our bikes are people with limited or no function in their legs. In addition to that we have plenty customers who simply have problems keeping their balance or even have no impairment at all. Our products have become an integral part of their daily life.

The BerkelBike is a combination of handcycle and recumbent bike driven by both the power of arms and legs. If you have limited or no use of your legs, this propulsion system will enable you to support the movement of your legs with the strength of your arms and shoulders. We also offer a more conventional tricycle, the EasyLegs. Like the BerkelBike it is characterized by its low weight, great stability and the fact that it can be customized in length, width, seating height and angle.

Our bikes are available as complete tricycle that can be taken apart for ease of transportation or as one-wheeled device that can be connected to your own wheelchair. Also, if you suffer from paralysis they can be equipped with our Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) system enabling you to include your paralyzed legs into the movement.


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Apr,2016 at 3:22pm
The BerkelBike will be displayed at the New York Metro Abilities Expo at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center. You can find us at booth 154, check out the map here: http://s15.a2zinc.net/clients/abilitiesexpo/NY2016/public/eventmap.aspx Tickets are free! All you need to do is register. More information is available on the page of abilities.com
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Mar,2016 at 10:20am
Hand cycling 30km (4x 7.5km) on the Berkel Bike to raise money for BASIC.
Amazing how the BerkelBike can be used for the greater good. We are proud that our product was able to contribute in this amazing activity.
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Mar,2016 at 9:41am
Our inspirational dealer from the United Kingdom explains the BerkelBike products, accesories and benefits in a little over a minute. Visit our website at: h...
It has been online for a while, but you might have missed it. The BerkelBike was at Naidex 2015. You might've missed us, but not to worry! We travel all over the world to showcase our products. If you have a show where you'd like us to be, let us know! https://youtu.be/iBrYwTV3PnE